Second Life review

Second life is an online virtual reality in which you can create and learn. There is no set objective compared to other online games; it is simply a world in which you can dictate how your avatar’s life progresses. It is completely free of charge to join and has, on average, one million regular users. While it can be a fun way of passing the time, this site also allows you to use it for educational purposes. Of course, this is an activity based on the internet so the pupil’s that you are using this with should be advanced enough to know that there are rules with regards to where they are allowed to go and what they are allowed to do.

Pupil’s today are living in a world where they think of the internet as a common good which they spend plenty of time on. So to teach through the internet might be a welcome change to reading a book in the classroom.

This site has many features that allows you as the educator to create classrooms in which to invite people. Other users have already created content which you can use to your advantage. Places such as Notre Dame have been replicated to a very high standard and it allows you to explore and question about the history and practices that go on there. You can take your pupils thousands of miles across the world while still sitting within a classroom.

I think that this site is a very useful tool if used correctly!


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