Looking at how we as teachers and our students see themselves

So many young people, who are students, struggle with the way that they look and how they are perceived by their peers. Of course, it is not limited to young people and can continue well on into adulthood but when did something like this start? As children, we are not all that concerned with how we look physically; maybe with our clothes and such but within our own bodies. The imagination within a child’s mind only concerns itself with parts of itself that cannot possibly change like having wings or a shark mouth as seen from up above. The children interviewed are happy with how they look and this should be something that is applicable to everyone. This is not the case but we should spread the message of how we should be happy with who we are and not base out views of people on how they look. Having classes on this and many other aspects of teenagers appearance and what influences their self worth is something that I think is important because it is something that they could carry with them for the rest of their lives. We need to let them have self confidence and be able to let them say that they are happy within themselves and are happy with their bodies.


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