Coding in schools

Since my masters is based around technology tied with education, this is a video that caught my attention. We can all see that the world today is being taken over by technology and it is a part of nearly everything that we do. Most jobs today require you to have some sort of capability with regards to IT. It is so important in today’s society yet many schools around the world don’t require you to complete a class based solely on computers and technology. The new Junior Cert in Ireland are implementing coding into the syllabus and I think that this is a fantastic idea. Since computers surround us everyday, what happens if what we use on a daily basis and we don’t understand them or know how to fix them? It’s not possible to escape from technology so it is vital that we teach students to be able to fix problems when things go wrong. Not only to fix though but to create. The amount of things you can create with coding is astounding but many people don’t know this due to lack of education. Many people also think it to be too hard to learn but this video states you “don’t have to be a genius” to learn even simple coding.


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